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Haimen Mage Green Lighting Co.,Ltd | S10002577

Major products:

Led Cabinet Light,Furniture Lights

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Mage Green Lighting is a professional manufacturer and exporter of cabinet and furniture lights in China. We made significant improvements with regard to the efficiency of resource usage and the effectiveness of the internal management of the company. Our main products cover the whole system of cabinet and furniture lights, including lighting system, connecting system, controlling and driving units. Lighting system comprise: LED light series, fluorescent light series and specially made connectors, distributors, etc. Controlling and driving system includes various kinds of controllers (such as IR sensor controllers, PIR sensor controllers), switches, drivers and transformers especially for LED. All of the products are produced according to CE and ROHS requirements.
key advantages:We are one manufacturer and exporter specializing in LED cabinet lights and furniture lights. Our mostly market on Europe especially in Germany.


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