Push Type Grinding Wheel Forming Machine

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Product description

Application and Features: 1. Used for molding of fiber-reinforced resin grinding wheel. 2 .The application of this unit for completion of material paving, net pressing, mold unloading, compacting ,auto reverse , transformation of covers and other major molding process greatly improves its balance performance and stable quality of the grinding wheel embryo and reduces the labor intensity effectively. 4. Key component parts, such as speed reducer, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic components and electric control components etc., either imported or produced by joint venture enterprises and with introduced technology improves the reliability of devices and diminishes the failure rate effectively. 5. With upper and lower indenter and slide mold heating devices, it can make both cold & hot pressing products and is suitable for automatic molding of a variety of grinding wheels. 6. Same-diameter and different-thickness grinding wheels can be produced with the same set of mold. 7. The mold is easy to be manufactured for its identical structure to the ordinary manual molds. 8. The frequency precision servo motor drives the pull rod, elevating the scraper slightly, therefore, the scraping process is stable, reliable and free from pressure fluctuations. 9. The frequency conversion motor drives the pull rod, elevating the scraper slightly, therefore, the scraping process is stable, reliable and free from pressure fluctuations. 10.With preloading,pre-discharging ,auto reverse and automatic device for transportation of cover, the cymbals wheel can finish the convex compression of trademarks, black paper and net etc. 11.Replacing the mold can easily achieve the change of product varieties and specifications. Main Technical Parameters: 1. Product Specification: The external diameter and thickness of fiber-reinforced resin grinding or cutting wheel is 100-230MM and 1-6MM respectively. 2. Structure Type: automatic push style, double-unit, high-efficiency 3. Nominal Pressure of the Host: 120-250T, choosable. 4. Molding Method: Formed by feeding with a given weight, cover half hot pressing (or cold pressing). 5. Control Method: The movements of unit, electricity, pneumatic and liquid are controlled by programmable logic controller, achieving automatic cycle operation of the whole unit. 6. Rotary Speed of Material Paving Turntable: 25-40R/MIN, frequency control. 7. Scraper Micro-elevation Lift: 0.5-2 .5 MM. 8. Working Beat: Double-unit machine working beat improve 100% more than single-unit machine ! D100-125mm 2-3s/per piece of wheel. D150-180mm 3-4s/per piece of wheel. D180-230mm 4-5.5s/per piece of wheel. 9. Installed Gross Capacity: 24KW (including heating power)

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