Su Embroidery Scarf 3

Product Specifications :

  • 【Regional Feature】China
  • 【Model Number】SC3
  • 【Style】Other
  • 【Technique】Other
  • 【Occasion】Other
  • 【Material】Silk
  • 【Brand Name】YANCHUAN
  • 【Theme】Fairy
  • 【Use】Souvenir
FOB Reference Price
US $ 118.00 | >=100 Piece
  • D/A

Product description

Su Embroidery scarf Size:160cm*35cm Hand made in Suzhou, China Our Yanchuan Su Embroidery adhering to the purpose of "promoting traditional culture and creating Suzhou embroidery products", makes hand embroidered products go to standardization and high-end. We are all in strict accordance with the standards of high-end products. We cherish every customer's needs and ideas, focus on embroidering the Suzhou embroidery products that you are satisfied with, and strive to optimize our service and make the Suzhou embroidery culture bring you the beautiful enjoyment. Yanchuan Su Embroidery : Main products su embroidery clothing, scarves, shawls, handbags, purse, card bags, sachet, bookmarks, fan,Kesi Nishijin products,hand embroidered material processing,custom clothingetc. Yanchuan Su Embroidery Teaching: Zero based learning su embroidery, Systematically teaching su embroidery, Completion of work study end. With a history of more than 3,000 years, Su embroidery is the general name for embroidery products in areas around Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The craft, which dates back to the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), became a sideline of people in the Suzhou area during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Well known for its smoothness and delicateness, Su embroidery won Suzhou the title City of Embroidery in the Qing Dynasty. Su embroidery features a strong, folk flavor and its weaving techniques are characterized by the following: the product surface must be flat, the rim must be neat, the needle must be thin, the lines must be dense, the color must be harmonious and bright and the picture must be even. The picturesque and exquisite Chinese embroideries capture the indefinite charm in a deep way,and also tell soul of traditional Chinese culture incisively and vividly.

Supply ability

0.0 Piece per day

Packaging and shipping

Lead time : 30 Day
Port : Shanghai
Packaging details: Plastic bag&Carton

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