Zhiming BSMJ Series 450V Low Voltage Self-healing Shunt Power Capacitor

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BSMJ Series Self healing low voltage shunt power capacitor was used in 50Hz and 6oHz power system .The device is mainly suitable for low voltage electric net work to improve power factor, reduce reactive loss, and better the voltage quality. Main Technical data 1.Service Condition:-25℃/+50℃(the average of temperature is not more than 40℃ within 24 hours, one year average of temperature is not more than 30℃ ) 2.Humidity≤90%RH 3.Altitude≤2000m 4.. Rated voltage:230V,250V, 400V,450V,525V,690V,750V,1050V,1200V 5.Rated output:1-60kvar when the voltage is 04~0.69kv. 6.Capacitance Tolerance:-5%~ +10% 7. Loss Angle Tangent(Power Frequency Rated Voltage): tanδ0.1% at 20℃ 8.Withstand voltage: Capable of withstanding 2.15 times of rated voltage between poles for 10s. 9. Max allowable voltage: 1.10 times of the rated voltage. 10. Max allowable current: 1.30 times of the rated current.

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